Are modern 50p/£2 coins valuable ? Peter Rabbit

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Are modern 50p/£2 coins valuable ? Peter Rabbit

Found a Peter Rabbit Coin in Your Change?

We’re sorry to tell you your Peter Rabbit 50p (or other Beatrix Potter 50p) is worth just that – 50p.

Chances are you’re on this blog because you’ve found a Peter Rabbit, or one of the other Beatrix Potter coins, in your change. It’s certainly a good find, but unfortunately it’s not going to make you rich. The coins are worth their face value and are currently selling on eBay for anywhere from a penny to £2 if you’re lucky.

There were over 8 million of the 2016 Peter Rabbit coins alone issued into circulation, so you can only imagine how many times each day we’re contacted by someone who has found one in their change and wants to know how much it is worth.

Are You Looking to Buy Peter Rabbit Coins?

2018 UK Coin 50p BU Beatrix Potter – Peter Rabbit


Price: £9.00

2018 UK Coin 50p Silver Proof Beatrix Potter – Peter Rabbit


Price: £65.00

Why is the 2016 Peter Rabbit 50p Exciting Great Britain?

The Royal Mint have produced a collection of fifty pence coins to mark the 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Beatrix Potter. Whilst all the coins have been popular, there has been one coin in particular that Great Britain has become excited about – the Peter Rabbit 50p!

If you’re wondering why, well, it’s probably because the nation has listened to stories about this naughty rabbit for over 110 years and is one of Britain’s most well known childhood literary characters.

Peter Rabbit Coloured Silver Proof Fifty Pence

2016 Peter Rabbit Fifty Pence – Coloured Silver Proof Fifty Pence Coin

Demand Soars for Peter Rabbit

The fifty pence is a close contender with the two pound coin as the UK’s favourite coin to collect and with two versions of the 2016 Peter Rabbit fifty pence available, coin collectors all over the nation are brimming with excitement. The coins featuring the famous rabbit in his smart blue jacket have been highly sought after, with eagle eyed collectors hunting for them in their change. Demand has been so high that when the coins were first released, the Royal Mint website crashed.

How Many 2016 Peter Rabbit 50p’s Were Made?

The Royal Mint set a “Limited Edition Presentation” figure of 15,000 for each of the silver proof coloured coins. This means that no more than 15,000 of the coins in Perspex blocks have been produced. The “Limited Edition Presentation” figure shouldn’t be confused with a mintage figure. The mintage refers to the amount of the coins struck by the mint. As the Royal Mint have not officially announced a mintage figure, it means that, hypothetically, they could produce more than 15,000 of the coins and present them in different packaging.

2016 Peter Rabbit 50p Coloured Version

The demand for the coloured silver proof Peter Rabbit coin has far surpassed the other coins in the series. We sold out of our stock within days and haven’t managed to get a single coin in since. We have many people on our wishlist waiting for us to get a coin in, but demand for them has definitely exceeded supply. If you would like to be added to our wishlist, please send an email to and we’ll add you to the list, but be warned, it could be quite a lengthy wait!

How Much is My Peter Rabbit 50p Coin Worth?

The value of the Peter Rabbit fifty pence depends on the version of the coin you have.

Peter Rabbit Uncirculated Fifty Pence

2016 Peter Rabbit Fifty Pence – Brilliant Uncirculated in Presentation Folder

Whilst the BU and circulated coins are very attractive and collectible, they aren’t worth any more than their face value of fifty pence. We have noticed people trying to sell them on eBay for £20 upwards! When you bear in mind that you can buy a brand new, brilliant uncirculated version of the coin for £9, you’d be wasting money by paying over twice the amount for a circulated one!

This is a great way to generate extra cash as well as find exclusive coins for well under the bay price !

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