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How long does the free shipping take?

A: Our free shipping option takes 1-1.5 weeks depending on your location

How do i know i am getting good quality?

A; We ensure all distributors are well productive In terms of quality and try to only work with the best of them all, high quality products/items are guaranteed with 24/7 support at hand at all times.
A: Our replicas are purchased from the BEST factories in china. The team have personally visited a lot of replica watch factories in China, Taiwan and japan and picked out the best which we made our suppliers. So be rest assured that whatever you get from our site will be nothing but top AAA+ quality no matter the price of the item.

Why Should I Trust Your Company?

A: There shouldn’t be any reason why you shouldn’t trust us because:
1) are Rep partners have been in this business combined  for over 9years now,
2) They have Large amounts of followers and many of them have purchased from us. You can DM any one of them and ask about their experience shopping with us ,
3) we wouldn’t still be around if we were not reputable and
4) take a look at our site, NO REPLICA SITE ON EARTH is as SECURE and Sophisticated like ours, we went to great lengths to get our site secured and you can see the various certificates on the site (see below)
5) we started this website to put an end to getting scammed online when buying replicas !!!, gadgets, electronics and other sweet looking..
6) We actually don’t make profits from majority of the stock. Our items are the same price as factory! we just do this because we have a passion for good luxurious products & gadgets. we are also replica watch enthusiasts and want to put an end to scamming when buying reps online !
7) We accept returns 10days


The below applies to replica products strictly

Why we prefer not to accept Credit/debit cards?

A: After research we discovered websites had operated for a 1 year period being able to accept Credit/debit card, however when they reached a certain amount of high-level income, the payment gateway we were utilizing at that point started demanding a lot of information that we as a replica site do not have. E.g., “license to sell Rolex watches” for example. So they stopped working with us. And from then on, we were unable to find another payment gateway. Next option PayPal right?

Why We Prefer Not To Accept PayPal?

A: When a certain amount of income is reached with PayPal, they too start to react bookie and could highly result in a closed account, attached below is a screenshot example.

So Now How Do We Prefer To Accept Payments?

A: Right now, we accept payments securely from our customers via Google Wallet ( ).

very easy and simple to sign up…


A: To checkout with google wallet, kindly go to the app store of your phone and download Google wallet, or go directly on your browser to .
and send your order’s total amount (INCLUDE YOUR ORDER NUMBER IN THE DESCRIPTION) to our google wallet payment email


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these are the brands we work closely with and in some cases have co-operate agreements with, we assure you are in safe hands

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